Installation Art

We love working for large spaces because it’s challenging. When we work on Installations, which we like to call Environments, we have a picture in our heads, not of a product but a work of Art. A piece made not just for a use but also for people to stand there and appreciate.
Installation Art is very site specific and designed to transform a perception of a space. Therefore, we create bespoke designs that are hand crafted by our skilled artisans who have been practicing centuries old craft and know it's worth.
Our work is a narrative of the eccentricity with a dose of Indian-ness, through an imaginative use of ingenious raw materials, industrial and traditional process. We have done many projects, big and small, with some delightful clients in the past. We collaborate with architects and interior designers to work with them on highly innovative projects.
We believe in sticking to details.
Our Installations are large-scale, mixed media constructions or assemblages. Our process is three-fold:
Space Study
Feasibility of the material (Based on aesthetics of the area)